The traditional construction economies that are inherent and well established with the tilt-up warehouse and distribution market apply in even greater measure for office facilities. Site-cast structural load-bearing wall panels are engineered not only to support the roof structure, but also all intermediate floors. A palette of sophisticated architectural finish options provides building owners with endless possibilities for creating the ideal office environment.

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Market Advantages

  1. A variety of architectural treatments can deliver unique appearances.
  2. Column-free interior wall surfaces offer greater flexibility for office landscaping.
  3. Tilt-up construction offers long-term durability and low maintenance, inside and out.
  4. Solid concrete prevents moisture penetration, improving indoor air quality and structural durability.
  5. Architectural freedom allows for the creation of sophisticated, custom-designed looks to meet building owners' needs and tastes.
  6. Long-term value and fire resistance make tilt-up buildings preferred investments in the eyes of lending institutions.